Horizontal Pleated Mesh System For A Modern Touch In The House

Why would I need a pleated mesh system?

How does it provide better functionality than the regular windows?

We are sure that these questions are crowding your mind as you were browsing on this website. Your thought process is right. When the windows serve the purpose of keeping the mosquitoes away from your house, why would you need anything else? But it is important to learn how advancements in technology have helped us in living a better life.

The introduction of the pleated mesh system in India has changed the notion of closing windows after sunset to avoid insects. Growing up, you might have heard your parents yelling at you for keeping the doors and windows open after 5 pm, but your children can be freed from this environment of restriction. With the pleated mesh system installed, you get to enjoy the fresh breeze of the evening air without letting the unwanted insects in.

The aluminum pleated mesh system manufactured by Majik Screens comes at an affordable price range. Every fold of the mesh system is woven with extreme precision to ensure the fluid motion of the system. Instead of the large window systems, your door and windows will be replaced by a mesh system that guarantees the flow of fresh air in your rooms.

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